Allow yourself to EXPERIENCE your most beautiful love story ever

Welcome! My name is Alex Cormont.

Since 2007, I have been coaching men and women who want to bring out the best in themselves and achieve all their life goals.

Thanks to an innovative coaching philosophy, I have coached thousands of people all over the world and have become the number 1 in love and relationships in Europe. Now, this reputation has stretched across the globe.

I have expanded the scope of possibilities around the globe to teach the art of linking love and personal growth. To do this, I have opened six different coaching offices in France, the United States, Brazil, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

One mission.
transform your love life.

Everyone has their own past experiences, wounds, failures, and fears. We are all different, yet one thing binds us together: we are not meant to be alone. Somewhere on this planet is your better half; your soul mate.

The person with whom you will experience absolute happiness for the rest of your life. Maybe you have already met them, maybe you have even had a past relationship with them, or maybe you are about to meet them.

My role will be to guide you through concrete actions and immediate solutions so that you can definitively destroy the barriers that have prevented you from experiencing the bliss of a successful relationship until now.

Whether you want to win back your ex, save your relationship, or find your soul mate, learn the secrets of love that have allowed millions of people around the world to flourish in their love lives!

I have been able to transmit my values throughout the world...

Number 1 love coach in France. He has been coaching men and women since 2007!
Love coach and expert who can help you be truly happy in your relationship!
The coach who brings results and happiness to your everyday life!

Learn how to unleash your power of attraction

It is never too late to have happiness in love

You need to realize that yes, anyone can be successful in life. Certainly, the past, difficulties, breakups, heartbreaks, and failures are barriers that have been imposed on your path. But in the end, we all have the same potential to be happy in love.

Today, it’s time to say goodbye to excuses, false beliefs, and preconceived notions so that you never suffer from your past again.

I invite you to take a new look at your life, to stop being afraid to love yourself and to love others, and to overcome your mental blocks in love with my unique 3W method.

Discover the 8 secret ingredients to finally experience what everyone dreams of: a solid, passionate and long-lasting relationship.

It's time to take the first step toward your new life

Daring to take the plunge can be a difficult step, I understand that. But I’d like you to think about the future. Don’t wait for another failure in love, another heartbreak, or another disaster.

You have a great power of attraction within you. What you don’t know is that you are about to take a small step for yourself, but a giant step towards your destiny.

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